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Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden


The Orchid Conservatory, where colorful tropical plants are in bloom, has its own special effects and three garden-scale trains. Of the 100,000 or so annual visitors to Belmont’s Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden (, roughly a fifth arrive in December – and a third of those 20,000 – 25,000 people come from more than 100 miles away.

The draw is the Holidays in the Garden event, Nov. 22-Dec. 31, with artfully staged displays that use plants to set holiday stages, both indoors and out.

Mini-Disneyland in his Backyard Garden

All aboard the Casey Jr. Train and welcome to Disneyland! Well, not exactly. Welcome to architect Dave Sheegog’s backyard.

The backyard of Sheegog’s home is actually, a Disney re-creation. Castle Peak and Thunder Railroad is the name of his Disney-themed railroad garden. A nearly 1,400 square foot utopia encompassing five theme lands.

“It’s Disney-themed, no piece of it is exactly from Disneyland, but little elements are. Believe it or not, people who build these things as if they are actually a working railroad,” he said.

It starts from a jungle theme adventure land, where Indiana Jones and the Incredibles deck out in front of the Temple of Doom. Then, it’s to Frontier Land, where the animal kingdom look upon Simba’s birth. And there’s a last stop to fantasy land, where Disney princesses greet you at Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

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G Scale Trains Down Under

For those of us “Up Over” here is some “Down Under” Garden Railroading to enjoy. Live Steam too! I love the detail on the tank cars. And outside, the live steam running on that great looking track is fantastic.
Lots of action inside and out.


The Vytopna Railway Restaurant

When I previewed this restaurant in November I put it on my list of places I would have liked to go. Here is more inspiration to find your passport and head off to Europe. This is a professional video done by Reuters.